I am a lucky person for being raised by my grandparents. Even though my childhood was not such a pretty experience, the brief period of time I had with these two people in my life was so precious: enough to justify everything else. They laid a solid foundation for me to continue living my life healthily even without their existence. Thank you so very much for your caring and being like my parents.

Thanks to my younger sister for her unconditional love and care. Growing up with her, loving her, and knowing that we will always be there for each other, until the last day of our lives, mean a lot to me.

Thanks to all my good friends and acquaintances for being part of my world and surrounding me with inspiration. Whatever you said to me and expressed to me, I capture the words and keep them in my heart.

Thank you so much, my counselors, for always being on my side and for giving me healthy thoughts to process that will keep me in balance when things are really hard.

Big thanks to my world’s best English editors who are kind enough to volunteer their time. All my blog posts flow smoothly in English because of them. You can see my gratitude to each individual expressed at the end of every post.

Thanks to the world for allowing me to go through the hardship, the sadness, the sufferings, the success, the failure, the happiness, the harassment, the achievement, the loss, and more. I fully understand my value and know why I exist on earth.

And finally, thank you everyone who reads this blog. Thank you for being around and for validating my thoughts and views about life.

Life is good… no matter what it offers to you. It only wants you to know how to look at it. :-)