Have You Ever Loved Someone?

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Today I am going to talk about a basic feeling that we all have with at least one person in our lifetime. This feeling is “LOVE”.  Well… ya… it probably sounds a bit cheesy to start the blog like this; but surprisingly, there are a lot of people who don’t know how to love.

img_callout_lovesomeone_nalisasitabutOften they confuse love with other emotions: “the stir in your heart”, “the passion”, “the obsession”, “the possession”, “the attraction”, and “the sexual preference”. I knew someone once who was so scared of being alone or lonely that she became desperate to have somebody with her. And on discovering someone who is willing to spend majority of his time with her and pay full attention to her, she immediately claims it as “love” — how unfortunate!

Honestly, LOVE is a beautiful, “unconditional” feeling that is very pure, and will happen only a very special person in one’s life.

To love someone is so precious. You feel as if there is nothing else in the whole world that is as important as this person. You are willing to sacrifice your comfort, your needs, your well-being – and sometimes even your dreams – just for the good of this person.

This person doesn’t need to do anything special for you. All he or she needs to do is to be himself or herself. Just to see this person walking around you, breathing in front of you gives you pleasure in your heart. You are not bothered by his or her smelly farts, bad breath, clumsiness, stupidity, pimply face, being overweight or being hairy or hairless, or even his or her disease.

You are connected with this person from your heart — not from what you see or from your basic sensual perception. This person has strong values to you and you truly appreciate those values. You feel that in a life, you will not be able to come across someone with these values ever again. And because of this you are willing to do anything you can to not lose this person from your life.

I have loved four people in my life: two of them have already left this earth, one is living in another part of the planet, and another cannot love me like I do. But “LOVE” is not about being together with someone. It is about being happy deep inside just to know that this person is still alive and doing well. And that is good enough for you.

Have you ever loved someone?

Since the age of 35 and after the loss of a loved one, I came to the realization that life was meant to be lived freely and fully. I let go of everything I owned and finished the marriage that had been wrong for so long. I started my exploration of this world that I used to pay very little attention to and became a member of it. I now pay a great deal of attention to my friends, my family, and more importantly myself. I commit to do the right thing, and I strive to surround myself with people who believe as I do. So when my time comes to an end, I will be ready to leave this earth on any given day as a good person who is happy.

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