How Wonderful to be at “Home”

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There are many of us who do not feel at home even though we are sleeping and living in our own house. We are surrounded by people called “family” and by cute pets. We stuff our place with everything we want to own but it still feels so empty and restless. Some of us even try to make it “homelike” by buying good furniture, having good garden and pool, inviting friends over, having more pets, hiring cleaning staff but still . . . don’t feel content as we would if we were really at “HOME”.


The answer is very simple if you just look at this with me.

The feeling of being at home can happen whenever these 3 things are met:

  1. You feel safe. No one is attacking you or taking advantage of you.
  2. You are yourself.
  3. You can rest and relax in your own natural way.

As long as the place offers you these three simple combinations, even though that place is not at all yours, you can feel good to be there. You feel this can be your home. Let’s try to create a home for yourself because it is a nice feeling to have. Imagine another hard day at work, a horrible time with a client, a weird day at school: just come “HOME”, and you know immediately that all will be OK . . . inspirational quotes:  Encouragement and Motivationyou are safe and you will be fine. You don’t care what happens outside and how bad people were to you. You just feel happy right now and you are fully charged for the next day.

If you agree with me, make a home for yourself like I did for me. Just remember that it has never been too late to create a home. And if doing so means you have to let go of everything you own and to leave people around you, so be it. Sometimes you have to empty yourself in order to rebuild a “HOME” of your own exactly the way you want.

We are human beings. We need a place that called “HOME” to live in before we die.


PS: Thanks to Richard Laidlaw for bringing the language of this blog to the beauty.

Since the age of 35 and after the loss of a loved one, I came to the realization that life was meant to be lived freely and fully. I let go of everything I owned and finished the marriage that had been wrong for so long. I started my exploration of this world that I used to pay very little attention to and became a member of it. I now pay a great deal of attention to my friends, my family, and more importantly myself. I commit to do the right thing, and I strive to surround myself with people who believe as I do. So when my time comes to an end, I will be ready to leave this earth on any given day as a good person who is happy.

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